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About Family Institute for Recovery & Empowerment, LLC
Family Institute is licensed by the Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership and the five Bayou Health Plans to provide community-based behavioral health services to adults with serious mental illness and children with emotional/behavioral disorders. 

Service Components and Key Features:
•Engaging in collateral consultation with other service systems or individuals (family members, significant others and professionals) who are actively involved in the recipient‘s care, ensuring a comprehensive set of services and preventing duplication.

•Services are tailored to reduce symptoms for adults with serious mental illness and serious behavioral problems of children, to preserve children’s stay with family as opposed to residential treatment, incarceration, foster care etc., and to improve social and emotional functioning of the family unit. 

•Provide linkage to recipients and families for natural and professional supports 

•Development of individualized Service plans in collaboration with natural and other professional support system if applicable

•Comprehensive, multi-component assessment

•The entire family/system is involved in treatment

Service Goals:
•To achieve the restoration, reinforcement, and enhancement of skills and/or knowledge necessary for the recipient to achieve maximum reduction of his/her psychiatric symptoms.

•To minimize the effect of mental illness.

•To maximize the recipient's strengths with regard to the mental illness.

•To increase the level of the recipient's age-appropriate behavior. 

•To increase the recipient‘s independent functioning to an appropriate level.

•To enhance social skills.

•To increase adaptive behaviors in family, peer relations, school and community settings.

•To maximize the skills to link and engage with other community services